I’m back !

Back in California

Short announcement, I’m finally back again in California, after 2 months spent in France. I was supposed to go in March in Melbourne but we had to postpone it, the visa is still valid for a year so I’m not too worried about that.

I was sweating bullets at the idea of coming back because unlike Europe and the Schengen zone, America’s a bit vague about how long you have to wait after a visit. And my boyfriend bought my return ticket somehow exactly 90 days after my entry, so when the agent at customs asked how long I was staying, he looked pretty suspicious! Asked me if I was traveling alone, if I had family here, etc… I’m pretty sure he had the 90 days fiancés intro playing in his head. But anyway here I am and I can pick up drawing again !

Here’s some pictures of my new notebook who’s starting to look more like a travel journal than anything else.

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