Hereditary : A very short review

Hereditary a short review


Hereditary watercolors
A small watercolors painting I did in my notebook of the kid in Hereditary played by Millie Shapiro

A few days ago I went to see the movie Hereditary and wasn’t expecting much. I got a lot of ads the day before, especially on Snapchat, touting the movie as the scariest of 2018 but we all know how over-hyped horror movies get (Ahem, Veronica!). Read more if you’re not afraid of some mild spoilers !

First Impressions

First of all, for some reasons the theater was almost empty when we got to see it. I think it was on a weekday which could have played a role, but usually when that happens it just means that the movie isn’t that great (although Anihilation was also really empty and I loved that movie). Based on the trailer, I thought this was all going to be about a mother grieving family members and using the occult as some form of comfort.

I also expected that a lot, if not all, of the scenes included in the trailers would be the peak horror of the movie, a common practice with trailers for this genre. And a lot of them would be “It was just a dream!” cop-out. So mild spoiler ahead : I was half right but mostly wrong !

Hereditary, terrifying or a joke ?

One thing I noticed about the movie was how divisive it seems to be. Either people love it or found it silly and absurd. The scenes that were the most frightening to me (and my friends) made a few people in the theater chuckle ! Which I can totally understand because some parts did look grotesque or ridiculous, but I found this ridiculousness even scarier.

Overall what I liked was the build up, the relationship between each character that was so different yet still full of love and complex dynamics. The movie’s colours were amazing and it did not rely on jumpscares at all. I honestly walked out of that theater amazed as it did not rely on lazy tricks to make me shudder.


I was really on the edge of my seat for the last minutes of the movie and felt like it was lasting forever, instead of the usual 5 minutes last action scene of the usual horror movie.

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