And the losers are …

Green card lottery results Green card lottery results Green card lottery results Green card lottery resultsGreen card lottery results


So here we are, and unsurprisingly I did not get a green card.

I’m also gonna clear up a few things, namely that not ALL countries have a percentage of about 2%, it varies depending on the country. Some countries are not even allowed to participate, but mine (France) had about less than 2% of people being selected for the second stage of the green card obtention.

Also, getting selected doesn’t mean that you get a green card ! You have then to translate a bunch of documents and send it to the proper branch of government, before passing an interview and physical test. You can still get denied at that stage, which I guess is even more heartbreaking.

So not much to say here, besides don’t rely on this method to secure a green card, it’s definitely not the way to go, but it can also be a good way to get in if you can’t qualify for any other legal method. I guess I’ll try again in a few months and hope 2020 is my year !

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