When life gives you watermelon …


So here’s the thing, my boyfriend is more of an indoor cat, and so am I sometimes. Forget about walking to the store or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb here (and that’ll be the topic of another blog post ! Nobody walks much).

So we often end up ordering everything online to be delivered right at the door, I call it the legendary american convenient life. But there’s times where the person doing the shopping for you can’t find something and just gets the best uh … replacement. Let’s just pretend it’s about as good as fresh fruit I guess ?

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There’s a lot to gain

Gaining weight in america

So unsurprisingly, after a few months in California I did end up gaining a significant amount of weight … Well to me anyway. You could say 11lbs is not much in the grand scheme of things but I do tend to notice a 10 pounds gain on myself.

And the whole time I was trying to keep up with the gym and other activities like hikes ! But unfortunately that wasn’t really enough to fend off the delicious but greasy fast food.

Is it impossible to not gain weight in America ? Absolutely not ! Of course you can stay fit as long as you carefully monitor what you eat. If you come from Europe though you’ll just notice how easy it is to order food at any time of the day, and sometimes of the night, plus often free refills on your drinks.

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Hereditary : A very short review

Hereditary a short review


Hereditary watercolors
A small watercolors painting I did in my notebook of the kid in Hereditary played by Millie Shapiro

A few days ago I went to see the movie Hereditary and wasn’t expecting much. I got a lot of ads the day before, especially on Snapchat, touting the movie as the scariest of 2018 but we all know how over-hyped horror movies get (Ahem, Veronica!). Read more if you’re not afraid of some mild spoilers !

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I’m back !

Back in California

Short announcement, I’m finally back again in California, after 2 months spent in France. I was supposed to go in March in Melbourne but we had to postpone it, the visa is still valid for a year so I’m not too worried about that.

I was sweating bullets at the idea of coming back because unlike Europe and the Schengen zone, America’s a bit vague about how long you have to wait after a visit. And my boyfriend bought my return ticket somehow exactly 90 days after my entry, so when the agent at customs asked how long I was staying, he looked pretty suspicious! Asked me if I was traveling alone, if I had family here, etc… I’m pretty sure he had the 90 days fiancés intro playing in his head. But anyway here I am and I can pick up drawing again !

Here’s some pictures of my new notebook who’s starting to look more like a travel journal than anything else.

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Those YouTube trends will be the end of me

All those unecessary trends

Am I the only one annoyed by it ? Not necessarily the “trend” in itself, because be creative if you want to and make christmas trees out of your brows ! But clickbait websites picking up the video and pretending it’s now a huge thing that everyone is doing. Tree brows, feather brows, halo brows … It’s just for views and it’s working.

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How I do basic math in my head

Doing basic math in your head

Tell me I’m not the only one struggling with that kind of things ! Ok I may be exaggerating a bit, plus in stores I simply round everything up to make it easier.

I’m trying my hand at making very fast comics on the fly by doing them free-hand. On the plus side they’re super easy to make but they’re also kind of wonky and with pacing mistakes.
What’s your take on it ? Do you prefer the digital longer comics or those small hand-drawn ones ?

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The baguette chooses the wizard

In France it's called a baguette !


A small comic I drew recently about the magic of sharing your language with your american SO.

Baguette is actually the shortening of Baguette de pain (Bread baguette) that’s why there’s lots of other items called baguettes based on their shape : a magic wand, a conductor’s wand or even drumsticks.

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